With outstanding performance, Blackburn midfielder


Bradley Johnson scored three goals in the three Premier League games in September. Among them, in the game against Derby County, he scored twice,

布拉德利·约翰逊(Bradley Johnson)在九月份的三场英超联赛中攻入了三个进球。其中,在与德比郡的比赛中,他得分两次,

In an interview, Johnson said: "This year's recovery time has been significantly shortened.


"In addition to training new formations, we have also changed the training methods and everyone has adapted. Our club has a group of excellent players and we work hard on and off the court."


"All the hard work during the suspension and preseason has paid off,


After Johnson left Derby County, he joined Blackburn. In the last season, he played 34 times and scored 3 goals. And this season


In the 4-3-3 formation under Tony Mowbray, the Blackburn coach, 33-year-old Bradley Johnson is the key. He can use his signature frequent running and sprinting back and forth between the penalty area. , In order to maintain the flow and vitality of the formation.

在布莱克本教练托尼·莫布雷(Tony Mowbray)的4-3-3阵型中,33岁的布拉德利·约翰逊(Bradley Johnson)是关键。他可以使用他的签名频繁在禁区内奔跑和来回冲刺。 ,以保持流动性和生命力的形成。

"This is a role I have played before, and I am used to it," Johnson said. "When I was playing for Derby County, I played under Lampard in a 4-3-3 formation. Many fans would say,

约翰逊说:“这是我以前扮演过的角色,我已经习惯了。” “当我为德比郡(Derby County)效力时,我在兰帕德(Lampard)的比赛中以4-3-3阵型出战。许多球迷会说,

"I'm already recognized as a midfielder who can score goals. I like to participate in the team's offense. But I know I have to make a choice because sometimes I am the No. 6 player in the deepest formation. Midfielder)."


"I am a B2B midfielder. This is the way the head coach wants me to play. He doesn't want me to be in the backcourt, but he wants me to appear in the frontcourt, when fighting for the high-altitude ball, and organize the surrounding team. people.


"Our performance this season is very eye-catching,


The training plan during the suspension seems to have paid off. Now Johnson made his first appearance in the Champions League,


In Leeds United, Norwich, Derby County and Blackburn, he has witnessed the development of the Premier League since 2010. In order to remain competitive, he has made corresponding changes.


He said. "When I first started playing in the British Championship, many midfielders were still very far behind, and then quickly passed the ball to the striker and let them try to score.

他说。 “当我刚开始参加英国锦标赛时,许多中场球员仍然远远落后,然后迅速将球传给了前锋,让他们努力得分。

"We have a lot of young coaches who want to play in a certain way. Now, more and more teams want to attack from the backcourt."


"But things have not become easier. It is getting harder year by year, and the quality of the players is improving. Recently, many teams have upgraded from the Premier League and have done a good job. This shows the level of the Premier League. When I played in the Premier League, the level of stratification was obvious."


As a veteran, Johnson can rely on his experience to provide a wealth of opinions and references for Blackburn's young players so that they can have a long and successful career.


In the current 11 Blackburn starters, 5 players are under the age of 25. Therefore, coaching young players is a job that Johnson is very comfortable with.


He said: "When I was young, I had a great desire to express and wanted to express my views. I feel that I have always been respected enough, so everyone around me is willing to listen to me.


"Now I am an old guy and we have a young team. I remember when I was young, I always listened to older professional players to see what they had to say. But I don't think it is A responsibility."


"I'm not a yelling person, I think those (like yelling) old players are not used to football now. For me, this is the way I train and do something right.


For Blackburn, this is a good start, and it has been enough to prove that they can become a real contender in the top six.


Last season, before they suffered a losing streak, they had hoped to participate in the promotion playoffs. Now Johnson hopes that they can make a leap in their performance.


"we know,


"But we have discussed this and learned from it. Now the league is still in its infancy, but we have set the standard and hope to keep it. If we keep playing our way, we can achieve our own aims."


Johnson also talked about


"It's not like playing a training game, because we still pay attention to danger, but it feels weird. It's a bit like an old-fashioned football game. Although we are used to it, this is not what we want to get used to."


"We thought the fans would come back in October, but we didn't. We want the fans to come back, and we know they want to come back."


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