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On September 28, after defeating Shanghai SIPG, Chongqing Contemporary was rewarded with a relatively long holiday. It was not until October 7th that the team regrouped in Chongqing to prepare for the next second stage of the game. According to the team's arrangements, Chongqing Dangdai will train in Chongqing until October 11, and then go to the Suzhou Division.


Originally, the team’s holiday schedule was to close the team on October 5th, but in order to encourage the players to do their best to beat Shanghai SIPG in the last game, Zhang Wailong specially gave a reward, saying that if he wins, he will give the players an extra 2 Days holiday. In the end, Chongqing Contemporary Three Armed Forces took their lives and won the group's first name SIPG 1-0, securing the third place in the group. Zhang Wailong also happily gave everyone a holiday until October 7th. Correspondingly, their opponent Jiangsu Suning in the knockout round concentrated early on October 4 and began to close the team for training.


The 9-day holiday also allowed the players who had been closed for more than 70 days to be completely relaxed, and everyone's mental state was very good. Especially for the club, it took a lot of thought to arrange the families of foreign aid and foreign teachers back to China. It also allows foreign aid and foreign aid to enjoy the treatment of domestic players, and they can spend the holiday with their family and children during the holidays. People like Captain Caldek, Sirino and others posted photos of traveling in Chongqing with their families on social media.


On the afternoon of the 7th, the team also returned to the club to gather. Starting from the 8th, the team began to resume normal training at the Yanghe base. In the first day of training, the team mainly arranged for physical recovery. Subsequently, the team will gradually increase some targeted training as the body recovers. And finally set off for Suzhou on October 12 and entered the competition area.


According to the arrangement of the league schedule, the first round of the second phase will start on October 16, but the first match of Chongqing Dangdai will start on October 19. After the team arrives in the Suzhou Division, there is one week to conduct the final technical and tactical drills and preparations. For the opponent of Jiangsu Suning, during the holiday period, Zhang Wailong's coaching team has done a lot of research through video.


Before the team went to Suzhou, Chongqing Contemporary Club also arranged a media visit. On October 11, the media will go to the Yanghe Base to watch the team's last training and have the opportunity to communicate face-to-face with Zhang Wailong. PP Sports will also bring you the training report of Chongqing Contemporary in the first time. To

在团队前往苏州之前,重庆当代俱乐部还安排了媒体访问。 10月11日,媒体将前往洋河基地观看该队的最后一次训练,并有欧宝体育官方网站机会与张外龙进行面对面的交流。 PP Sports还将首次为您带来重庆当代艺术的培训报告。至

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