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Recently, the British media "The Sun" counted the important signings that the team missed during the Barcelona chairman Bartomeu's tenure, and these signings can just lay out a whole set of 11-man starting lineup.


After assuming the chairmanship of Barcelona in 2014, Bartomeu's performance in team management was not satisfactory to the fans. After letting Neymar go, Barcelona has not been able to regain the power of the former MSN on the front line. This summer, Barcelona almost came close. He lost the core of the team, Messi.


"The Sun" statistics show that Bartomeu had the opportunity to sign many powerful players for Barcelona, ​​but in the end these transactions were not completed.


In the goalkeeper position, Barcelona had the opportunity to sign back to Onana, who was born in La Masia, but considering that Onana, who was born in 1996, is not young, Barcelona finally gave up the deal. Onana is currently Aja. Kesi’s main goalkeeper.

在守门员位置,巴塞罗那有机会签回出生于拉马西亚的Onana,但考虑到1996年出生的Onana并不年轻,巴塞罗那最终放弃了这笔交易。 Onana当前是Aja。 Kesi的主要门将。

In the guard position, Barcelona considered signing Spanish defender Inigo Martinez in 2017, but Real Sociedad did not intend to sell Martinez at the time. Martinez eventually switched to Athletic Bilbao in January 2018. Last summer, Barcelona had the opportunity to sign Dutch star De Ligt, but the red and blue team's offer did not satisfy Ajax. In the end, Juventus signed De Ligt with a transfer fee of 75 million euros. In addition, Manchester City defender Eric Garcia hopes to return to Barcelona this summer, but Barcelona did not complete the transaction before the transfer deadline.

在后卫位置,巴塞罗那考虑在2017年签下西班牙后卫Inigo Martinez,但皇家社会当时不打算出售Martinez。马丁内斯最终于2018年1月转投毕尔巴鄂竞技。去年夏天,巴塞罗那有机会签下荷兰球星德利格特,但红蓝两队的报价并不能使阿贾克斯满意。最后,尤文图斯以7500万欧元的转会费签下了德利格特。此外,曼城后卫埃里克·加西亚(Eric Garcia)希望今年夏天重返巴塞罗那,但巴塞罗那在转会截止日期之前并未完成交易。

In midfield, in 2016, Barcelona had planned to sign Verratti to fill the vacancy after Harvey stayed in the team, but Paris did not intend to sell Verratti. In addition, Barcelona also missed the visa-free opportunity for Rabiot and Depay, and Barcelona this summer failed to satisfy coach Koeman's desire to sign Depay.


In the frontcourt position, Neymar’s return to Barcelona was the focus of the entire summer window last summer. This summer, Barcelona and Lautaro Martínez had another “cutting and chaos”, but in the end these two No one can join Barcelona. In addition, Barcelona Winter Window could have signed Rodrigo with a transfer fee of 50 million euros, but due to financial constraints, Barcelona did not complete the transaction, and eventually Rodrigo moved to the Premier League this summer to promote Malitz United.


As the head coach, when Valverde and Setien were off class, Harvey was one of Barcelona’s candidates for the coaching position, but Barcelona did not show enough sincerity to Harvey, and Harvey himself did not want to be here. It's time to accept this "mess" of Barcelona.


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